Nip And Snip Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic LLC 
Low cost, Spay and Neutering for your companion pet. Serving
  the Metro Phoenix area  Se Habla Espanol PHONE 480-580-8666       
Phone Hours; 7am-5pm (Mon.-Fri.) closed Sat & Sun. Clinic Hours: 7am-1pm on scheduled clinic days. Doctor available from 7am-12pm on clinic days only.

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Pricing and Services

The mobile unit will arrive at all locations at 6:30 a.m. Surgeries are done by reservation. We accept reservations by phone or e-mail.You must have talked to someone on the phone or received a return e-mail confirming your reservation, for it to be considered booked..RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS; Call us at 480-580-8666 or e-mail us in advance at , give us your name, e-mail address, contact phone , pet(s) name, number of pets , species(dog/cat), pets sex, age and weight.You will be placed on a reservation list . Please let us know what date & location you are wanting the reservation forYou must show up between 6:30-7:00 a.m. We will accept pets from the reservation list first. Every pet who has a confirmed reservation and shows up on time will get on board the mobile. Failure to appear by 7:00 a.m. will forfeit your reservationFrom 7:00 a.m. until 7:30 am will be on a first come, first served basis, if any spots are available. NO PETS WILL BE TAKEN IN FOR SURGERY AFTER 7:30 AM Everyone will have to fill out and sign a surgical consent form for each pet. Your pet(s) will stay with us for approximently 4-8 hours, depending on how busy that days clinic is. A staff member will call you when your pet is ready to go home.The mobile has room for only a certain number of pets per day. You may have to wait 5-15 minutes to be checked in, even with a reservation. Please be patient and courteous.


Kittens & puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and 2 lbs for surgery

Please go to the Conditions/Restrictions page for more information

 Vaccines and services done at a Petco clinic date/location must be accompanied with a surgery, we can do  vaccines/services with no surgery at any of our other clinic dates/locations between 8-10 am.


     Cat Spay (Female)                                     $60.00
     Cat Neuter (Male)                                                
          Cat Declaw(Front)*Restrictions Apply*    $170.00   
     Cat Toenail Trim  
       Cat ID Chip                                                  
      Cat FELV/FIV test                                       $35.00

      Take Home Pain Relief Meds.                
Cats must be in a carrier, 1 cat per carrier or a carrier will be provided for $10.00
We will sterilize feral cats, but they must be in a humane trap and regular prices will apply

Cat Declaw restrictions*
-Cat must be at least 4 months old, younger than 3 years old and under 10 lbs. We will only do a cat declaw if we are sterilizing the cat or documentation is provided to us that it has been previously sterilized. Aggresive cats and cats 10lbs. and over will not be declawed.
Price of Declaw includes- Surgery, Pain Relief Injection, Antibiotic injection, Pain Relief medication to go home and an Elizabethan collar

Cat Surgical add-ons
   Overweight or in heat(spays only)    $20.00 or more 
   Pregnant                                             $30.00 or more additional
   Cryptorchid (retained testicle(s))      $30.00-$80.00 additional
   Umbilical hernia repair                       $30.00-$80.00 additional
                     Subcutaneous fluids                           $15.00                                                      
           I.V. Catheter only                               $20.00                                            
 I.V. Catheter and I.V. fluids               
Cat E-collar                                          $10.00 

     Cat Vaccines
       FVRCP      $15.00

      RABIES    $15.00
      FELV        $20.00
      EXAM(required if vaccines are only done)$15.00                                            
 Vaccines and services done at a Petco clinic date/location must be accompanied with a surgery, we can do vaccines/services with no surgery at any of our other clinic dates/locations between 8-10 am.

      Dog Spay(F)       Weight      Dog Neuter(M)  
$75.00                   1-25 lbs.            $60.00
$85.00                  26-50 lbs.           
$95.00                  51-75 lbs.          
$110.00                76-100 lbs          
         No Dogs over 100 lbs.

 Female dogs that are in heat, recent heat or appear to be in heat as determined by our staff may not be sterilized.
           English & French bulldog breeds will not be sterilized 
  Dog Toenail Trim (with surgery)             $10.00
  Dog Toenail Trim (without surgery)        $15.00
   Dog ID Chip                                               $35.00
                                     Dog Heart worm or Tick Fever Test   
      $20.00 each or $35 for both
    Take Home Pain Relief Medication            

Dog Surgical add-ons
Overweight or in heat (spays only)      $20.00 or more additional
    Pregnant                                                $30.00 or more additional
   Cryptorchid (retained testicle(s)         $30.00-$80.00 additional
    Umbilical hernia repair                         $30.00-$80.00 additional
       Deciduous tooth extraction                  $20.00 additional per tooth
                             Rear Dewclaw removal                        $40.00-$80.00 per paw with sterilization
                           Subcutaneous fluids                             $15.00                                                      
                                 I.V. Catheter only                                 $20.00                                                           
       I.V. Catheter and I.V. fluids                 $30.00                                 
     Dog E-collar                                          $15.00                               

Dog Vaccines

   Distemper/ Parvo (5 in 1)  $15.00
Rabies with certificate        $15.00    
    Bordetella                            $15.00
                            Exam (required if vaccines are only done)
Please go to the Conditions/Restrictions page for more information 

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